Barcana’s Artificial and Commercial Trees are the core of our product offerings.

The Prestige Deluxe, Prestige and Imperial collections offer an assortment of quality and price points that will meet the demands of any customer. You can choose from a unique selection of branch styles, lighting options and sizes.

We take pride in the quality of this product and offer unmatched warranties. 6 season warranty to Prestige Deluxe & Prestige LED lights. 4 season warranty to Prestige Deluxe & Prestige Incandescent lights, and a 25-year warranty on the structure of these top-quality trees.

Our Imperial Collection offers a 3 season warranty on Incandescent lights, and a 10-year structural warranty.

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Glow LED

We have taken extra measures in engineering the LED lights for our residential trees. In our Prestige Deluxe and Prestige collection we have created a LED light that nearly matches the color and brightness of a traditional incandescent while using a fraction of the energy. Additionally, these LED lights last longer than a standard incandescent. Our goal was to create a warm but soft ‘Glow’ perfect for the smaller quarters of a residential space.

These features include:

•  LED Lights in Traditional Casing
•  Color-Matched with Incandescent Lighting
•  90% Less Energy Consumption, Compared to Incandescent
•  Warm Traditional Design
•  25-Year Structural Warranty
•  Enhanced 6-Season Light Warranty